Global Cabling Systems, Inc. offers technology strategies, design, system implementation and support capabilities for enterprise-wide voice, data, and video networks. Needs assessment and strategies guide our customer’s technology acquisitions, which ultimately increase the company’s asset value. The interaction between internal processes, exchange with customers, communications with manufacturers and suppliers are enhanced through Global Cabling Systems ability to integrate people, structure and processes through technology.

Businesses face the challenge of customized production and consumption in an information intensive economy. To meet these needs, 7 by 24 communications must perform efficiently within an environment of geographically distributed sites, remote users, multi-vendor equipment and a multitude of business partners. In the midst of these issues, successful companies also negotiate the rapid fire of technological change.

Global Cabling Systems, Inc., provides the technical support to identify and articulate a company’s course through change in business environments and customer expectations. Throughout a cross section of industries, Global Cabling Systems has successfully applied its resources to match the scale, knowledge, time-frame and budget with the business needs at hand. As a technology expert, Global Cabling Systems provides project management and deployment capabilities and, as re-seller, Global Cabling Systems offers vendor independent products and tools best suited to a particular solution.

  • Structured Cabling System Installation
  • Design/Build Services
  • Comprehensive Testing/Certification
  • Maintenance and Service Programs
  • Cable Plant Auditing
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Extended Warranties